Polaroid Cameras

I can remember when I was nine years old and my parents got me a Polaroid camera for my birthday, it was the best present I got that year and it completely changed my life. I have always wanted to be a photo taker. Since before I got that first camera and when I got it was the start of a whole new me.


Now obviously, you cannot not do with a Polaroid camera the things that you can do with the cameras of today but I made to because that it all I knew and had. I started out just snapping picture after picture after picture not even paying any attention to where things were or as I now know, not paying attention to the lightening, shadows, staging or anthing else one would do to make a picture great, I was just snapping away and wasting a lot of film because I was not happy with the pictures and my parents reminding my on numerous occasions that film was not cheap.

So I would go to the library and read books on photography, I did not really understand most of it but I picked up the basics. Slowly but surely my pictures started to improved, I learned to focus on a particular object and not just snap away. I would pose and rearrange things so the scene was not all chaotic, each picture started to flow. Not all flowed well, some where still lacking and of course I couldn’t do anything but take the pictures, I didn’t have the tools or technology to do anything with the negative to manipulate it in anyway, I have to use my skills before I took the picture.

Lets just say that as the years went on and my cameras kept improving the quality of my pictures began to improve as well. I also took all the photography classes I could in high school and college, I didn’t plan on having photography be my career I just wanted all the knowledge I could so I could make a hobby on it and maybe do some side work for friends and family. That has worked out so far, I have done a lot of work for friends, with things like taking pictures at parties and getting photos available to those that were there, to actually doing a friends wedding, now that was nerve racking, I don’t think I slept the whole week before because I was so nervous. I did not have the confidence in myself to think that I would be able to take on something as important as a wedding but once it was over and I saw the pictures that I took, I realized that I do have some talent when it comes to this, my friends were blown away when they saw the pictures which in turn made my confidence rise.

So I basically just take each project and on a day to day basis, so I do not overwhelm myself, this is just a side job that I do, I also have my regular full time job plus I do need to live my life, which photography is a huge part of my life but I do not let it consume me. So I just take the projects as they come and try to do the best I can!

Thanks for reading, Suzie