Majestic Trees

Trees are a wonder of nature, I love to photograph trees. I do sometimes shoot the whole tree but usually I pick a part of the tree like a branch or a bunch of the leaves or even bugs that I see crawling around. Sometimes I will even take pictures of the stump with all the roots poking out of the ground. Trees are a great subject, each one is different from the last and brings a different aspect to each picture.

The ¬†Weeping Willow is by far my favorite tree to photograph. I had one in my backyard growing up and when I wasn’t taking pictures of it I was sitting in it reading a book. It had this little nook in it close to the base that my little body fit in perfectly and I would sit there and read. The drooping branches gave a lot of shade so it was a perfect spot to read in the summer. Until we had a major thunderstorm and a lightening bolt struck it and crack it in half. I woke up the following morning to see my buddy in half, one part laid across our yard and the other part broke the fence and was in the our neighbors yard. I cried, I seriously cried, it was one of the saddest moments of my childhood. After that, we had a big metal box sitting in the spot that the tree was. A depressing reminder of what was.

weeping willow

Besides pictures of my dog, I probably photograph trees the most. I have taken walks in the woods and found trees that have fallen or have broken branches, photos of these make such a powerful statement if they are photographed right. It will all depend on the lighting and shadows of the particular branch or trunk or stump. I have even¬†photographed trees that have been uprooted after a heavy rain. It takes my breath away how amazingly beautiful it is. It is a tragedy too, don’t get me wrong, to see a dead tree but such is nature.

I am proud to say that I took a trip a couple years ago to California to the Redwood Forest. I would live there if I could. I have never seen anything that compares to a Redwood Tree. These are so massive that it is impossible to capture a picture of a single, whole tree. I spent three days in the park taking as many pictures as I could and I still wasn’t ready to leave but I had to, I will return again, hopefully many more times.

Thanks for reading, Suzie