Creeks and Ponds

Moving water  or standing water for that matter, is one of my other things to photograph. You can interpret so much from water, you can see anything you like in water. There are so many great shadows and prisms of light that water holds, it’s almost as magical as trees but not quite, trees are my favorite. Water though you can get so many different textures with, it will all depend on what is in the water, like stones, sand, plants, sticks, fallen branches or even fish, depending on where you are. Then you have the bank where the water meets the land and then you have grass, dirt or more stones and rocks. The possibilities for great pictures are endless.

The reflection of light off the water is amazing, you can get wonderful colors and with the bottom of the creek or pond or even a river will have a great contrast to the reflection. You can get great big rocks to small pebbles, those always add a nice contrast. Depending on where you are you can even capture a little part of the base of a tree if you can get the right angle. But I like to just focus on one main object and have everything else be secondary to what ever it is that I choose to photograph. When I am shooting water, I make that the main focus, so what ever happens to be in the background is slightly out of focus or just not something that will draw you eye right away.

I may choose to focus on the bottom of said chosen creek or pond and have, for example, the stones that are settled on the bottom be my main focus and have lets say a fish that happens to swim by be a secondary focus that you wouldn’t notice right off the bat, once you took in the whole scene then you would notice the fish. This is how I shoot the majority of all my pictures. I prefer this way because it lets me be real creative with the pictures, once I get the film, yes sometimes I still use a roll of film-no judging, or camera to my computer then I can enhance the pictures in ways that were impossible to do with a Polaroid camera back in the day. The technology has come so far with photography that if you can take a picture then you can make it show how ever you want. At the very least though, I try to take the best picture I can that way it seems more natural but I do love to use the computer to exaggerate certain aspects of it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that this is just a hobby and I am in no way close to being a professional.

Thanks for joining me!