Art Pieces

I have a cousin, Dan, who is a metal smith, he has gone to school and just recently graduated with his bachelors in art, he is now off to a job in New York, not the city, a town north of the city but still is fabulous. He has participated in many shows, sometimes as just an artist displaying al of his pieces or sometimes he has been a demonstrator, showing how he creates his pieces. He is pretty amazing.

The reason I bring him up today is because he has on occasion asked my to photograph his work. I am always up for this, some of his pieces are just mind blowing, the things that he can do with metal absolutely amazes me. So, the only difficult about this is that we live in different states, even with him moving we were in different states. He moved away after high school to attend a really good school in Illinois, but from where I am it is only a eight hour car ride. By myself that drive is terrible, I cannot be in a car by myself for that lone, luckily I only had to drive once, there and back by myself. My husband has come with me on numerous occasions, he and my cousin are pretty close and other times, his brother my other cousin and his wife have come with me and there have been a couple time when all four of us have gone together, we mad a vacation out of those times. They don’t happen that often because of everyone’s schedule but the times that has happened have been the most fun.

It is much easier for me to go to him rather than for him to com eot me because it would be very difficult to transport his art here, also it just seems silly for him to do that. But when I do I bring both my digital camera and my non digital camera, you never know which one is going to give the impression that he wants. I was send him the digital photos in a drive and have him do with them what he wants but once I am done developing the film from my other camera I will send him the photos in the mail. This way he has as many options to choose from, and he has some to add to his portfolio or he can use them to promote upcoming shows. Helping him with this always gives me some anxiety because I am not a professional but it seems that he is with all of his art but he has never complained about the quality and has always asked again for my help, so that’s good.

Thanks all!