Action Shots

Now these, action shots, I am not very good at, I try I really do but they never turn out how I want them to. It might be cause I am using the wrong camera or lens but I don’t feel like that is the case, I am pretty sure it’s my lack of experience in this particular field of photography. I prefer to shoot animals over humans and yes of course I use my dog on every occasion that I can. He is blind and he makes a great guinea pig for this because he actions are never coordinated because he seems to wander aimlessly around our yard.

My husband helps me a lot when I shoot our dog, he will guide him in directions that I want, sometimes this works out and sometimes it does not with our dog being blind and all. He will think that he is doing what we are asking but really he is going off in a completely different direction. This is very humorous to us, it also helps me be on alert to get a great shot.

I have gone to the zoo a lot to practice getting action shots of the animals that are there but usually the animals are never active enough to get an action shot. Every once in awhile they will be, like for example, when I went once the chimpanzees were having the time of their lives playing around in their enclosure. There was a younger baby chimp and an older chimp running around with a piece of purple fabric and having the best time. This made for good pictures. The zoo was busy at this time so it took me awhile before I good get into a good position, thank goodness the chimps were still in a playful mood when I was able to. I got some real shots of them fighting over that purple fabric. In the background I also caught other chimps just sitting or watching and in some pictures I just focused on the ones hanging out in the background. I actually liked these photos better. Maybe I am just not a fan of the action shot. Either that or I am just not good at it.

My husband and I have even gone to the local horse track so I can get pictures of the horses as they race around the track. My husband says he goes so he can support my hobby but I know that he loves to watch the horses race so it turns out to be a win/win situation for us. I will try to sneak down to get as close to the track as I can, usually I cannot get as close as I want but I get close enough to get a good picture. When we first starting doing this at the horse track my pictures were horrendous, all blurry. It took us a couple of time of going to figure out what I was doing wrong, for this I took my digital camera that way I wouldn’t be wasting film. I realized that I was not focusing on the right thing, I would just take a picture when the horse rode by but now I follow the horse as it comes around the track and snap shot after shot until the horse is too far away. Not all of them will come out but most do and I am satisfied with the end product.

I will continue to try to master the action shot, you can never be great at everything but I love a challenge and look forward to making some more blurry action photos!

Thanks for sticking around