Hello everyone, I’m Suzie, I am photographer or at least, I would like to be. I have enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember, I may not be greatest but I love it. I like being an amateur photographer because it lets me explore all of my capabilities without all the pressure, if I make a mistake, no big deal, I just start over. I first started out with a cheap Polaroid camera that my parents bought me for my birthday. You really can’t do much with that but I got the hang of arranging the scene that I wanted to capture.

I have since grown from that to a Nikon D4, which is my baby. I love taking photos of my dog now but I will not bore you with any of those stories, I get that no one really cares about my dog except me. I also, take photos of pretty much anything, whatever grabs my eye. I usually don’t discount any subject but landscapes are really not my thing. I will take photos of an object in nature but just not nature as a whole.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me as I tell you the stories of my photography, I will even discuss some awful projects I have undertaken, no matter how embarrassing they are! Mostly, we will just explore the wonders of photography and the impact they can bring.

Thanks, Suzie